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Workman Publishing

Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History in One Big Fat Notebook, 2nd Edition

Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History in One Big Fat Notebook, 2nd Edition

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Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History in One Big Fat Notebook, 2nd Edition : The Complete Middle School Study Guide (2nd Edition, Revised)

Workman Publishing, Lily Rothman (Text by), Editors of Brain Quest (From an idea by), Philip Bigler (Contributions by), Ella-Kari Loftfield (Contributions by)
Date: April 11, 2023
9781523515943, 1523515945
Juvenile Nonfiction / History / United States
Ages 10 to 14, Grades 5 to 9
592 pages
Series: Big Fat Notebooks
color illustrations throughout
Dimensions (cm): 14.92 x 20.32  x 3.3
Weight (kg): 0.77

A revised edition of the bestseller Everything You Need to Ace American History, now titled Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History, and updated to meaningfully explore the most difficult chapters of U.S. history and reflect how history is taught in school today.

From the brains behind Brain Quest comes the 2nd edition of the revolutionary U.S. history study guide. Updated to include recent history and revised to reflect a more complete, balanced recounting of historical events.

Big Fat Notebooks offer the support of a knowledgeable teacher in the form of an approachable peer—the notes of smartest kid in class. Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History in One Big Fat Notebook is the same indispensable resource so many students depend on, updated with new and improved content covering Indigenous history in the U.S., the legacies of slavery, exploration, colonization, and imperialism, and significant current events through 2022, including the COVID-19 pandemic, political protests,, the most recent presidential election, and historic nominations to the Supreme Court. It will be the cutting-edge reference for students as education styles shift toward this informed approach to history.

The Big Fat Notebooks meet Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and state history standards, and are vetted by National and State Teacher of the Year Award–winning teachers. They make learning fun, and are the perfect next step for every kid who grew up on Brain Quest.

Contributor Bio(s)
Workman Publishing is a New York-based publisher of award-winning nonfiction for adults and children.

THE HUGE SUCCESS OF BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS: The first edition of BFN: American History has more than 815,000 copies in print, and glowing reviews from students, teachers, and parents alike.

A FIRST-OF-IT'S-KIND STUDY GUIDE THAT MAKES IT FUN TO ACE HISTORY CLASS: With doodles, maps, clever mnemonics, and excellent summaries of the big ideas in U.S. history - plus end-of-section quizzes to see where you need extra review - this book makes middle school social studies or history class your best subject!

REVISED TO REFLECT THE WAY U.S. HISTORY IS TAUGHT TODAY: This revision includes new material covering Indigenous history in the U.S., and the legacies of imperialism, colonization, and slavery, to reflect today's school curriculum, perspective, and language. Even the name of the book - now U.S. HISTORY instead of AMERICAN HISTORY - better describes the geography and scope covered. And a new award-winning teacher has vetted the book.

UPDATED FINAL UNIT THAT ADDRESSES RECENT HISTORY: Covers significant events through 2022, including the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, new justices on the Supreme Court, Black Lives Matter and other social movements, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

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